Team leader: Walid GAALOUL

ACMES is a team that conducts a wide range of research in computer science on the following topics: software architectures (middleware, service, cloud), business process management and mining, data management, reasoning modeling and knowledge extraction (data mining, machine learning, etc.).

The team is primarily concerned with three challenges associated with the characteristics of these software infrastructures: (1) the complexity of software architectures and stacks, (2) the dynamic nature of the infrastructures and the massive, heterogeneous data carried by these infrastructures, and (3) the verification, proof and testing of the software stack. It is organized into three main areas:

Software engineering and middleware: the complexity, heterogeneity and the dynamicity of modern hardware and software infrastructures greatly increase the complexity of software development and maintenance. New middlewares and programing models are needed to simplify the design and the coding of applications.

Data and knowledge: new algorithms, models and methods are needed to collect, curate and learn/reason from large volume of heterogeneous data and streams.

Formal methods: verification, formal proof, testing and monitoring of software architectures and their application domains (complex and critical systems, intrusion detection, software product lines) to guarantee their correctness and reliability.