Séminaire NeSS présenté par Mme Vincenza Torrisi, Université de Catane le 26 mars 2024 à 11h00 en salle 4.A205, à Palaiseau et sur lien zoom

Quand: le mardi 26 mars 2024 à 11h00

Où: en salle 4.A205, à Palaiseau et sur lien zoom suivant


ID de réunion: 972 9622 2591 / Code secret: 519040

Title: Digital Twin to Enhance Smart and Sustainable Urban Mobility: Modelling, Big Data, and Shared Transport Services

Abstract: The growing interest in employing advanced technologies to enhance smart and sustainable transport systems has led to an increased demand for traffic simulation algorithms to test and validate these systems before their deployment in field.
The main objective of this seminar is to provide a methodological background for the simulation and the design of transport systems towards the implementation of Digital Twins. Monitoring, estimating, forecasting and controlling the road traffic flows in an urban network pose one of the main challenges to be addressed through the combination of simulation models of user behavior and real-time traffic data based on stationary and mobile sensors. In this regard, the accessibility of big data in transport sector has enabled more accurate predictive modeling and real-time traffic management strategies. Accurate estimation of dynamic origin-destination (O-D) matrices is crucial for the successful application of these models.
These topics will be addressed by proposing phenomena analysis, model definitions and algorithm applications to elementary cases.

Biography: Vincenza Torrisi, born in Catania (Italy) in April 20 th, 1988, graduated in Water and Transport Civil Engineering, with specialization in Transport in 2013, at the University of Catania. She obtained the Ph.D. in Evaluation and Mitigation of Urban and Environmental Risks in 2017 with a thesis on real-time traffic monitoring, estimation and forecasting systems with ITS technologies to implement a traffic supervisor centre with infomobility services. She is in Academia since 2018, and she is currently Assistant Professor at the University of Catania (Italy). She teaches postgraduate curses of “Planning and Design of Transport Systems” and “Lab on sustainable Transport Systems” and she has supervised PhD students and several degree thesis. Her research mainly focuses on techniques for monitoring, controlling and optimization of people and freight transport by using intelligent transport systems. Vincenza Torrisi has been invited to make several presentations in the field of sustainable and smart mobility and her research work has been presented in several national and international conferences. She is author of more than 45 scientific papers in indexed journals and in proceedings of scientific conferences on topics like transport modelling, transport planning and economics, multimodal transport systems, sustainable and shared mobility, smart mobility, ITS and ICT, freight transport and logistics, environmental assessment, soft mobility and vulnerable users. She is also reviewer for international journals and member of scientific committee in international conferences. She has been involved in the organization of international conference as a member of the local organizing committee. She is currently responsible for the management of the “ITS Laboratory” of University of Catania. She has participated for several feasibility studies and transport plans at municipal and provincial levels. She has been involved in research activities for the University of Catania of several European, National and regional projects. She is currently the Ordinary Member of AIIT (Italian Association for Traffic and Transport Engineering).