Séminaire SCN présenté par Badis Hammi, Associate professor (EPITA Engineering School, France) le 10/05/2023 à 15h45

Speaker: Badis Hammi, Associate professor (EPITA Engineering School, France)

When: Wednesday May 10th, 15h45 CEST

Where:  Zoom (https://zoom.us/j/94267641533?pwd=MGdxbmprY2FDZFFCL0lpSFViQTBiUT09)

Title: Is it really easy to detect sybil attacks in C-ITS environments

Abstract:  In the context of current smart cities, Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) represent one of the main use case scenarios that aim to improve peoples’ daily lives. Thus, during the last few years, numerous standards have been adopted to regulate such networks. Within a C-ITS, a large number of messages are exchanged continuously in order to ensure that the different applications operate efficiently. However, these networks can be the target of numerous attacks. The sybil attack is among the most dangerous ones. In a sybil attack, an attacker creates multiple identities and then disguises as several fake stations in order to interfere with the normal operations of the system or profit from provided services. We analyze recently proposed sybil detection approaches regarding their compliance with the current C-ITS standards as well as their evaluation methods. We provide several recommendations that can be considered in future research in sybil attack detection.

Short Bio:  Badis Hammi is an associate professor and head of the Bachelor in cybersecurity in EPITA Engineering School, France. He received his doctoral degree in computer science from Troyes University of Technology in 2015. Then, he held a research position at Institut Mines Telecom ParisTech, France. His current areas of research interest include: Internet of Things Security, Intelligent Transportation Systems Security, and Intrusion Detection.