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Three weeks before ICIN 2017 !!

Three weeks before ICIN 2017 !!

ICIN 2017 in Paris

Three weeks before ICIN 2017 – Register now on http://www.icin-conference.org/registration.html

Since 1989 the ICIN conferences have been bringing together leading internet and telecom experts from industry, universities and government worldwide. ICIN operates on a rigorous peer review process and has an enviable track record of identifying key technology and service trends – and analyzing their impact on business models – before they become widely recognized. ICIN conferences cover both technology and business issues. ICIN is well-known for thought-provoking presentations of the highest quality on emerging technology, architecture, and industry trends impacting intelligent communications services.

· Conference will have four technical tracks :
· Network and Service IT-zation - Chair Akihiro Nakao (University of Tokyo, Japan)
· Internet of Things - Chair Luigi Atzori (University of Cagliari, Italy)
· Actionable Big Data and Artificial Intelligence - Chair Corrado Moiso (TIM, Italy)
· Control Orchestration and Management and Policy - Chair Diego Lopez (TID, Spain)
· Demo and Poster sessions
ICIN 2017 Keynote speakers are all well-known and recognized leaders of our domain :

· Marie-Paule Odini (HPE, France) - NFV evolution towards 5G
· Stephen TERRILL (Ericsson, Spain) - Multi-Domain Orchestration and Automation
· Marina Thottan (Nokia, USA) - Programmable Network Operating System : Creating the Network Brain ;
· Chih-Lin I (China-Mobile, China) - The Perfect Storm : IT+CT+DT
· Thomas Michael Bohnert (ZHAW, Switzerland) - Cloud Robotics

Conference Program is available here http://www.icin-conference.org/program.html

You will find instructions and additional information on our web site at http://www.icin-conference.org/

If you have any questions please contact cfp@icin.co.uk.
Noel Crespi, Chairman
ICIN General Chair

Antonio Manzalini, Chairman
ICIN Technical Programme Committee