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Séminaire ACMES, Dr. Heiko Ludwig : A Short History of SLAs : Why service quality matters more now and why it is more difficult

Séminaire ACMES, Dr. Heiko Ludwig : A Short History of SLAs : Why service quality matters more now and why it is more difficult


Dr. Heiko Ludwig, IBM Almaden Research Center, donnera un séminaire le 16 juin 2016 de 14h00 à 16h00 en G10.

Title : A Short History of SLAs : Why service quality matters more now and why it is more difficult

Abstract :
With ever more wide spread consumption of IT services service quality becomes more important. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are the commitments that a service provider organization gives to its stakeholders, from the IT department in the past to your Cloud provider today. The nature of IT services, the way they are delivered, and how quality is managed have faced different issues at various major transitions of IT systems architecture and delivery models and still is evolving. While past systems have been simple, today’s application environments combine Cloud and on-premise infrastructure Platforms and services from different providers enable the quick development and delivery of solutions to their intended users. The ability to use Cloud platforms to stand up applications in a short time frame, the wide availability of Web services, and the application of a continuous deployment model has led to very dynamic application environments. In those application environments, managing quality of service has become even more important. The more external service vendors are involved the less control an application owner has and must rely on Service Level Agreements (SLAs). However, SLA management is becoming more difficult. Services from different vendors expose different instrumentation. In addition, the increasing dynamism of application environments entails that the speed of SLA monitoring set up must match the speed of changes to the application environment.

This talk will analyze how IT service quality has been defined and managed over time, discuss how to manage SLAs in today’s multi-layer, multi-sourced Cloud environment, and what to expect going forward.

Bio :
Heiko Ludwig is a Research Staff Member with IBM’s Almaden Research Center in San Jose, CA and leads the Platform and Mobile Enterprise group, working on issues of quality management, persistence and other topics to make Cloud Platforms and Mobile systems suitable for enterprises. Prior work addressed various issues of distributed systems, service and process management, mostly relating to dealing with large scale, crossing organizational boundaries, and the interrelationship of business and IT. Heiko published about 100 refereed articles, conference papers, and book chapters as well as technical reports. He is a managing co-editor of the International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems and associated editor of further journals ; regular reviewer and PC member ; helps organize workshops and conferences ; and gives invited talks. He serves regularly on PhD Committees and teaches graduate classes. Heiko served as a project reviewer of European and national research funding programs. He represented IBM in the OGF GRAAP working group, publishing the WS-Agreement standard. Prior to the Alamaden Research Center, Heiko held different positions at IBM around the world.