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Séminaire R3S - Exposé par M. Luigi ATZORI

Séminaire R3S - Exposé par M. Luigi ATZORI

Le vendredi 4 décembre 2015, à Télécom SudParis.

Biographie :

Luigi Atzori is a researcher at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of Cagliari (Italy), where he received his Ph.D. degree in electronic engineering and computer science in 2000. From November 2003 to May 2004 he was visiting scientist at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Arizona, as Fulbright Visiting Scholar.

Résumé :

L. Atzori research interests are in area of Internet of Things, with particular emphasis on service deployment and architecture design, and multimedia networking, with special focus on Quality of Experience and multimedia streaming. He is currently leading the following projects at the University of Cagliari : dynamic deployment of distributed services in System of Systems (undefined) ; development of MBus wireless gateways and end-devices for energy management in smartcities (National Netergit project). He has published more than 100 journal articles and peer-reviewed conference papers, and has one national patent. He is vice-chair of the MMTC committee of the IEEE Communication Society.