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Séminaire par Prof. Jan Mendling : From Scientific Process Management to Process Science

Séminaire par Prof. Jan Mendling : From Scientific Process Management to Process Science

Date/Heure  : jeudi 12 novembre 2015 à 14h
Salle : G09
Title : From Scientific Process Management to Process Science

Abstract :
In this talk, we will discuss the concepts of Business Process Management as they are currently described in the literature and raise the question how the BPM lifecycle can be systematically integrated with the scientific method. At the heart of our argument is the observation that the implementation of hypothetical process improvements does not necessarily result in an improve processes. We will sketch in how far the scientific method can be of help and how such an approach will eventually inform process science.

Short Bio :
Prof. Dr. Jan Mendling is a Full Professor with the Institute for Information Business at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (WU Vienna), Austria. His research interests include various topics in the area of business process management and information systems. He is co-author of two textbooks (Fundamentals of Business Process Management and Wirtschaftsinformatik) and has published more than 250 research papers and articles, among others in ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology, IEEE Transaction on Software Engineering, Journal of the AIS, European Journal of Information Systems, Elsevier’s Information Systems, Data & Knowledge Engineering, and Decision Support Systems. He is member of the editorial board of six international journals, member of the board of the Austrian Society for Process Management (http://prozesse.at), one of the founders of the Berlin BPM Community of Practice (http://www.bpmb.de), organizer of several academic events on process management, and member of the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining.