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Séminaire SAMOVAR "Cyber Service Engineering and Management"

Séminaire SAMOVAR "Cyber Service Engineering and Management"

Cyber Service Engineering and Management

Présenté par Boualem Benatallah (Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales (UNSW)

10 décembre 2013 de 9h30 à 11h00 en BL004

Abstract :

As economies undergo significant structural change, digital strategies and innovation must provide industries across the spectrum with tools to create a competitive edge and build more value into their services. While advances in online service technologies are transforming the Internet into a global workplace, a social forum, a means we also now see a new phenomenon in which, once their online service has reached a threshold of popularity, many organisations are competitively compelled to implement Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in order to allow third-party developers to write auxiliary or satellite ‘apps’ which add new uses to the original service, enrich its features and accessibility, enhance its agility and accelerate overall development. APIs are now the glue of online services and their interactions. While APIs are rather fundamental to the Web, they have far-reaching ramifications ; social media already depend heavily on APIs, as do cloud services. Much of the information we receive about the world will therefore be API-regulated. It is estimated that there are already 30,000 APIs, and that the market will grow five to ten times over the next five years. Some of this growth will come from using APIs to link cloud resources, platforms, applications and the rest from APIs in appliances, mobile devices, sensors, vehicles and consumer electronic devices.

There are however significant gaps and risks in the online service-enabled endeavour. API-based IT systems are notoriously complex, with many unsolved theoretical and technical challenges stemming from the scale of the systems contemplated, rapid evolution of digital technologies, changes in work environments, resource limitations, and growing concerns about the unintended consequences of the digital age : security breaches, cyber attacks, and organised crime. autonomous, and evolving networking services. We discuss critical challenges in the effective management of APIs. We discuss synergies between service oriented architectures, software configuration, meta-data, processes, analytics, and end users programming as step forward in this direction.

Short Bio :

Prof. Boualem Benatallah is professor and research group leader at the School of Computer Science (CSE), University of New South Wales (UNSW, Sydney, Australia). He held the chaire d’excellence position of the Auvergne Region in France (LIMOS, France, 2008-2010). His main research interests are developing fundamental concepts and techniques in service composition, cloud services services engineering, integration, and business processes management. He has published more than 190 refereed papers including more than 50 journal papers. Most of his papers appeared in very selective and reputable conferences and journals.

He has been frequently invited to give keynote talks, lectures and tutorials on service computing in international conferences and summer schools. He has a very strong international track record demonstrated by the high citations of his work, some of which are considered seminal in the field of services composition. He also has strong collaboration with Industry including projects, consultancy on enterprise computing, and patents.

Boualem has been PC co-chair of number of international conferences (BPM’05, ICSOC’05, WISE’07, ICWE’2010, IEEE/ACM WI’11, IEEE SOCA’11). He was research track co-chair for the WWW’11 conference. He was the general chair of ICSOC’08 - Sydney. He has acted as a key official (tutorial chair, workshops chair, publication chair, area chair, PhD symposium chair) for several international conferences. He has been guest editor of five special issues for reputable international journals including ACM TOIT. He has been a PC member of all the reputable international conferences in his areas of research including VLDB, ICDE, WWW, EDBT, MDM, ICSOC, ICWS and ER. He is member of the steering committee of BPM and ICSOC conferences. He is member of the editorial board of numerous international journals and series including Springer Series on Services Science and ACM Transactions on Web. He was a visiting Professor at INRIA-LORIA, CNRS, Claude Bernard University (France), University of Blaise Pascal (Clermont Ferrand, France), University of Trento (Italy). As the chair of the CSE research committee, he was member of the team (comprising multiple university, government and industry partners) that constructed the successful bid for the new Smart Services CRC, which was awarded $30m in federal funding in 2007. He was a project leader at the CRC smart services. He is a leader of a recent UNSW strategic initiative on eResearch and services. He is leading an initiative to build a research center on digital services science, engineering and innovation. He is also interested in digital services, technology, and education nexus. He is member of Executive Committee of IEEE Computer Society’s Technical Committee on Business Informatics and Systems.

Contact : Walid Gaaloul