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Séminaire SAMOVAR "XtRoSense – Extroversion Sensing on Smartphones"

Séminaire SAMOVAR "XtRoSense – Extroversion Sensing on Smartphones"

vendredi 26 avril 2013 à 14h00 en salle A006 à TELECOM SudParis Evry

Dr. Petteri Nurmi, University of Helsinki, Finland

Seminar Title : XtRoSense – Extroversion Sensing on Smartphones

Abstract :

Smartphones with their extensive sensing capabilities are a powerful tool for understanding and monitoring human behaviour.

Internal social and psychological states are one of the most important determinants of human behaviour and consequently capturing these on smartphones would be essential, both for better understanding human behaviour and for constructing novel intelligent services and applications.

In this talk we introduce XtRoSense, a sensing platform for determining the degree of extroversion one of the central personality traits, of individuals on smartphones.

XtRoSense extracts prosodic features from the speech of a mobile phone user when she is speaking on the phone, and uses these features to predict her level of extroversion.

The use of prosodic features enables preserving the privacy of the individual, while the use of phone calls to trigger the recording helps to ensure the analysis is performed in a meaningful social context.

As the microphone is sampled only during phone calls, our system has minimal energy overhead.

Bio :

Dr. Petteri Nurmi is a Senior Researcher at Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT where is co-leading the Adaptive Computing research group