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"Multi Layer Energy-Efficiency in IP over WDM Networks"

"Multi Layer Energy-Efficiency in IP over WDM Networks"

lundi 15 avril à 14H30 en salle A207 / TELECOM SudParis Evry

Dr. Cicek CAVDAR, de School of ICT, COS Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

Titre : "Multi Layer Energy-Efficiency in IP over WDM Networks"


The Energy-Aware IP Routing and Virtual Topology Adaptation (EA-IP-VTA) aims at adapting network resources to the changing traffic load in the network while offloading the IP traffic by an energy-aware routing strategy.

After each observation period in a day, lightpaths can be set-up or turned-off one by one depending on two parameters called thresholds.

Low threshold determines the minimum load that a lightpath is allowed to carry.

If the load is below this threshold the lightpath is deactivated. High threshold determines the load at which a lightpath is considered to be congested.

If the high threshold is exceeded a new lightpath is activated between the end nodes.

Titre : 5GrEEn : "Towards Green 5G Mobile Networks"

The EIT-ICT Labs project 5GrEEn suggests a new clean slate system architecture with a logical separation between the ability to establish availability of the network and the ability to provide functionality or service.

The results originating from this project (e.g., standardization in 3GPP, development of energy efficient backhauling solutions, energy efficiency assessment of current networks, energy-QoE tradeoff evaluation) will be applicable in 4G solutions, paving the way for the next generation networks.

Please check the link for more information :
lien vers the Towards Green 5G Mobile Networks project

Contact : Tulin ATMACA