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"Secrecy Coding"

présenté par Phillip Regalia
mercredi 25 janvier à 14h00 en salle F204

The expansion of wireless communications leads to privacy and confidentiality concerns since wireless signals are so much easier to intercept than their wireline counterparts. Considerable attention has thus been devoted to ensuring secrecy or confidentiality in easy-to-intercept communications.

Cryptography is a well-studied method of ensuring secrecy, but encounters practical limitations and vulnerabilities, in part due to security coming from computational intractability which might yet be broken through quantum computing, but more likely through discovering decryption keys via weak key-distribution protocols.

This has rekindled interest in information-theoretic security, which is not based on the premise of computational intractability. Rather, it exploits clever coding techniques which ensure that an intercepted message conveys no useful information to an eavesdropper on the intended message.

The intent of this talk is to provide an overview of progress in this field, beginning with the wiretap channel capacity and Maurer’s protocol, and moving into more modern applications in multi-user secure communications, as well as secure distributed storage for cloud computing. The talk will also emphasize practical coding constructs, based on nested capacity-approaching codes.