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"Information Hiding : A tutorial information theory viewpoint"

Jeudi 19 janvier 2012 de 15h00 à 16h00 en salle A04-01
Présenté par Phillip Regalia

abstract :

Information hiding is a more recent viewpoint of watermarking, which exploits information theory to deduce fundamental limits on how much information can be hidden in a cover signal, subject to distortion constraints from embedding, and resilience due to signal degradation.

Applications range from copyright protection, fingeprinting, embedding confidential patient information in medical images, and other areas of stenography.

This talk presents a tutorial overview of recent results in information hiding stemming from an information theoretic viewpoint, along with coding techniques which are adapted to information hiding, including dirty paper coding and nested lattice codes.

Gaps between theoretically achievable embedding capacity and practical attainable methods are emphasized, and relations to cryptography as well as high-capacity multi-user communications are likewise reviewed.

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