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Séminaire R3S présenté par Hella Kaffel Ben Ayed, le 06/01/2022

Séminaire R3S présenté par Hella Kaffel Ben Ayed

Quand : Jeudi 6 janvier 2022 – de 14h00 à 15h00
Moyen : en mode hybride : en webconf. via le lien suivant https://webconf.imt.fr/frontend/bad-yvk-kbx-xxe
ou à Palaiseau, Amphi 2.

Résumé :

Self-Sovereign Identity for IoT : an overview ?

The digitization of our society and the Internet of Things have radically impacted the way computer systems are used, both at the individual level and that of organizations and industries. E-health, intelligent transport systems, industry 4.0 etc. improve the quality of services in different sectors.
IoT ecosystems require a scalable, resilient, lightweight, and secure Identity and Access Management (IAM) to ensure the security and privacy of user-data. Nowadays, open standards for self-sovereign identity and access management enable portable solutions that are following the requirements of IoT systems. The objective of this presentation is to present the basic concepts behind SSI and related open standards. Use cases of SSI for IoT systems will be discussed.

Biography :

Hella Kaffel-Ben Ayed received both Engineering, PhD and Habilitation Universitaire degrees from the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, University of Tunis El Manar. She is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in computer networks and IT security. She is also a senior researcher at LIPAH Lab., University of Tunis El Manar. Her main research interests include development and evaluation of communication and security protocols for new mobile and pervasive applications as well as security and privacy in IoT. She published papers in scientific journals and international conferences. She participated in the setting up of various research. Her recent research interests are EDGE computing, IOT Transactions security, privacy enhancing technologies and new Blockchain based solutions. She served as editor for various scientific journals.