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Séminaire présenté par Celine Comte, Eindhoven University of Technology le 6/12/21 à 14h00

L’équipe Méthodes vous convie au séminaire qui sera donné par Celine Comte, Eindhoven University of Technology, portant sur "Performance Evaluation in Stochastic Non-Bipartite Matching Models" (voir abstract ci-dessous), lundi prochain 6/12 à 14h.

Le séminaire sera a priori en mode hybride, en salle A008, à Télécom SuParis Evry et sur le lien BBB : https://webconf.imtbs-tsp.eu/frontend/tij-hph-w6e

Venez nombreux !

Bien cordialement,

Hind et Tijani

Abstract : In this presentation, we will consider the stochastic non-bipartite matching model, in which items of different classes arrive according to independent Poisson processes, and compatibilities between items are described by an undirected non-bipartite graph on their classes. We will analyze this matching model via two complementary approaches : queueing theory and graph theory. First, assuming that the matching policy is first-come-first-matched, we will prove that the matching model is equivalent to an order-independent (loss) queue, a model that had a recent resurgence in the queueing-theory literature. This equivalence allows us to derive simple closed-form expressions for several performance metrics, such as the waiting probability of an item, its mean waiting time, and the matching rates along an edge. In a second time, we will use results from graph theory to characterize the set of achievable matching rates under an arbitrary matching policy. In particular, we will identify the set of edges whose matching rates are independent of the matching policy. These two contributions will be illustrated by numerical evaluations on toy examples.