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[ICE] Seminaire ICE, Jeudi 1er juillet a 14h : "More than Building up interactions between sensors, data analysis and energy management"

Le prochain séminaire mensuel du département "Information, Communications, Electronique" d’IP Paris aura lieu jeudi 1er juillet 2021, à 14h.
Vous trouverez ci-dessous le thème du séminaire ainsi qu’une biographie de l’orateur.

Le séminaire se tiendra en visio :

More than Building up interactions between sensors, data analysis and energy management : smart and autonomous systems, from research to applications

Prof. Ayman ALFALOU
L@bISEN, ISEN Yncréa Ouest, Brest
Jeudi 1er juillet 2021 à 14h

Abstract (the talk french)
L@bISEN was created at the end of the 1990s as the research laboratory of ISEN Yncréa Ouest, a then young private non-profit engineering school based in Brest. In 2015, L@bISEN reorganized its research activities as a multi-site research unit with smart and autonomous systems as its common research project based on three major topics : sensors, data analysis and energy management. For the past ten years, the guiding thread of Ayman Alfalou’s research has consisted of combining the best of optical and numerical methods applied to image processing. Optical methods offer simple and implementable filtering possibilities, provide fast and highly parallelizable solutions, which allows efficient image preprocessing before the application of adaptable numerical methods. This combination ensures fast image processing while reducing numerical complexity, easing the implementation of real embedded systems. In this presentation, we will focus on two research activities illustrating the interest of building up interactions between sensors, data analysis and energy management :
1. Optical underwater image processing for autonomous underwater vehicles (patent FR1763336) ;
2. Privacy-preserving simultaneous compression and encryption schemes for security applications (patent FR3088752).

Biography :
Ayman Alfalou is head of Research and Innovaation at Yncréa Ouest and head of the L@bISEN research laboratory (Brest, Caen, Nantes and Rennes). His main research interests are signal and image processing, telecommunications, optical systems, optical Processing, opto-electronics, laser and polarization. He supervises PhD and master students in a wide variety of theoretical and experimental topics. To date, he has published over 216 refereed journal or conference articles. He has organized or co-organized many conferences, special sessions and was the chairman or a member of scientific committees of many international conferences. He is a senior member of OSA, IEEE and SPIE.