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Soutenance HDR de M.Daniel Clark," Point process modelling for filtering, information, and control

Daniel Clark, Laboratoire de SAMOVAR Télécom SudParis, Institut Polytechnique de Paris.
Monograph title : Point process modelling for filtering, information, and control
Presentation for the HDR, l’Université Paris Saclay.
21st October 2020, 3pm-5pm,
G10, Télécom SudParis, Évry. (Video link to be provided for remote access.)

Examiners :

Professor Ba-Ngu Vo, Curtin University, Australia
Professor Simon Godsill, University of Cambridge, UK
Professor Bartek Blaszczyszyn, ENS, France

Jury :

Professor Sylvie Le-Hegerat, l’Université Paris Saclay
Professor François Septier, l’Université de Bretagne Sud
Dr Audrey Giremus, l’Université de Bordeaux
Dr Sumeetpal Singh, University of Cambridge

Personal profile : The research interests of Daniel Clark are in the development of methods for multi-object estimation and tracking from sensor data based on point process methods. This work spans underpinning theoretical statistical modelling, through to algorithm development, demonstration and development of different sensor models, and application and deployment in industrial sensor fusion systems. Before moving to Télécom SudParis in 2017, Dr Clark was an Associate Professor at Heriot-Watt University (2007-2017). His research interests are in the development of the theory and applications of multi-object estimation algorithms for sensor fusion problems. He has collaborated closely with UK Ministry of Defence on a number of projects demonstrating capability across a wide range of military application domains, including harbour surveillance, detection and tracking objects in underwater environments, and for space situational awareness. In 2016, he was seconded to Porton Down on a Royal Academy of Engineering Industrial Secondment where he worked with Dstl scientists on a broad range of topics including Space Surveillance and Tracking, Above-Water Maritime Surveillance, Advanced Image Analysis, and Radar Tracking. He has secured over 1.7M GBP as Principal Investigator on sensor fusion problems. He was a lead investigator on a major UK research grant on defence signal processing where he led work on multi-sensor data fusion. His PhD was a study in statistical methods for tracking multiple targets based on point process methods.