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Séminaire R3S présenté par Thomas Silverston le 11/07/2018 en G10 à 10h30

Séminaire R3S présenté par Thomas Silverston le 11/07/2018 en G10 à 10h30

Quand : le mercredi 10 juillet 2018, à 10h30
Où : en G10 à Télécom SudParis Evry)

Title :
Named-Data Networking : Caching, Routing and Cybersecurity

Abstract :
NDN is a novel networking architecture for Future Internet proposed to address today’s Internet requirements. Indeed, the Internet is now mostly used to access content, and the current Internet architecture has not been designed for this purpose. NDN relies on content names and introduces host-to-content communication paradigm and new features such as in-network caching, data encryption, mobility support or multi-path, and has attracted a huge research community. In this presentation, we will present the NDN architecture, point out its current limitations and presents our novel caching strategies designed for NDN as well as our routing scheme.
We will also discuss security issues and propose countermeasures to secure this architecture.

Bio :
Thomas Silverston is Associate Professor at Shibaura Institute of Technology (Tokyo, Japan). He received his Ph.D. from Université Pierre and Marie Curie – Paris 6 (France).
He was before Associate Professor at University of Lorraine and LORIA/CNRS (Nancy, France), and hold also positions at the University of Toyko (JFLI/CNRS) and NICT.
His research topic focuses on Future Internet : Information-centric Networking, SDN, IoT and cybersecurity.