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Séminaire SAMOVAR 06/03/2018 10h30 Télécom SudParis - Protection Optimization in Next Generation Optical Networks - Fen Zhou

Dr Fen Zhou – Université d’Avignon

Quand : mardi 6 mars 2018, à 10h30
Où : salle G09, à Télécom SudParis (Evry)

Titre - Protection Optimization in Next Generation Optical Networks

Résumé :
In this talk, we present protection techniques to improve the survivability of the next generation optical networks. (1) We first consider the protection against single link failure in mixed-line-rate (MLR) optical networks. To this end, we propose distance-adaptive pre-configured cycles (p-cycles) with the flexible selection of line rates, which permits to cut the CAPEX cost. A joint integer linear programming (ILP) without the in-advance enumeration of cycles is formulated to compute the cost-optimal p-cycles, and a graph partition algorithm is further used to reduce its computing complexity. (2) We then study the protection against disaster failures in Datacenter Networks (DCNs) based on Elastic Optical Networks (EONs). To cut the spectrum usage, dedicated lightpath protection is proposed instead of the p-cycles. A scalable column generation approach is developed to compute spectrum-efficient primary and backup path pairs. Extensive simulations demonstrated that our proposed solutions outperform their counterparts in terms of network resource and computation time.

Courte biographie :
Since 2012, Fen Zhou is working as an Associate Professor at the LIA lab of the University of Avignon. Before that, he obtained the PhD on networking from INSA Rennes (IRISA) in 2010, and then he spent two years at Telecom Bretagne as a post-doc. His research interests include routing and resource allocation in networking (with a focus on optical networks) and routing optimization in intelligent transportation systems (ITS). He has served as a Symposium Co-chair, Publicity Co-chairs, Local Organization Chair, and Session Chair in several International Conferences (IEEE ICNC’18, IEEE WCSP’14, IEEE Wimob’15, NetgCOOP’16, IEEE MovNet’17, IEEE Globecom’13 etc.). He has also served on the program committees for several international conferences such as INFOCOM, ICC, GLOBECOM, and ONDM. In 2015, he was promoted to IEEE Senior member, and one year after he was awarded with the French Research Bonus (PEDR).