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CFP : Special Session IWSDS2018 : Empathic dialog systems for elderly assistance

CFP : Special Session IWSDS2018 : Empathic dialog systems for elderly assistance

Dear Members of PC for the Empathic Special Session at IWSDS2018 ,

As you know, due to to relocation of ICASSP 2018 its dates were shifted creating an overalap with our IWSDS original dates. To avoid a clash between ICASSP 2018 and iWSDS, the IWSDS committee had agreed to reschedule our workshop to 14-16 May 2018 (just after LREC) and accordingly the paper deadlines had been also shifted.

This e-mail is a kind request to you, as part of our program committee for the special session IWSDS 2018, to help us to distribute the attached CFP among your students, colleagues, and distribution lists. The submission deadline is on January 14, 2018, while the paper acceptance notification is expected to be by February 18, 2018.

For more information about this IWSDS Special Session please refer to : http://www.empathic-iwsds.com

Thanks again for helping us to distribute the CFP and with your valuable contribution as a PC member. With kind regards,

The Organizers of the Special Session IWSDS2018 : Empathic dialog systems for elderly assistance IWSDS 2018


Special Session IWSDS2018 : Empathic dialog systems for elderly assistance

Organizers :
M. Inés Torres - Universidad del País Vasco UPV/EHU (Spain)
Kristiina Jokinen - AIRC-AIST (Japan)
Gérard Chollet - Intelligent Voice (UK)
Marilyn Walker - University of California-Santa Cruz (USA)

One of the more important applications of spoken dialog systems (SDS) is the development of personal assistants for elderly. The proposed challenge is to provide personalized advice guidance through a spoken dialogue system to improve the quality of life and independency living status of the people as the age. To this end SDS has to deal not only with user goals but also implement health goals through negotiation strategies to convince the user to develop healthy habits. Such SDS has also include perceived user affective status to support the dialog manager decisions. Important related topics are, but not limited to :

• affective computing in SDS
• user centered design
• policies dealing with shared user-task goals
• management strategies to keep the user engagement
• personalization and adaptation
• ontologies and knowledge representation
• privacy preserved SDS
• simulated dialog manager
• applications to assist the elderly

Session Program Committee
Masahiro Araki, Kyoto Institute of Technology (Japan)
Tim Bickmore, Northeastern University (USA)
Zoraida Callejas, Universidad de Granada (Spain)
Anna Esposito, Seconda Università di Napol (Italy)
Ryuichiro Higashinaka, NTT (Japan)
Tatsuya Kawahara, Kyoto University (Japan)
Ramón Lopez-Cózar, Universidad de Granada (Spain) (IWSDS steering Committee)
Mike McTear, Ulster University (United Kingdom)
Takuichi Nishimura, AIRC, AIST (Japan)
Catherine Pelachaud, CNRS (France)
Dijana Petrovska, Institut Mines Télécomo (France)
Volha Petukhova, Saarland University (Germany)
Miriam Reiner, Technion Institute of Tcehnology (Israel)
Björn W. Schuller, Imperial College (United Kingdom)

Prospective authors are invited to follow the IWSDS 2017 paper preparation guidelines www.iwsds.org

Paper submission deadline : January 14, 2018

Paper notification deadline : February 18, 2018