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Séminaire "Rule-based Approach for Physical Activity Recommendation"

Séminaire "Rule-based Approach for Physical Activity Recommendation"

Séminaire Samovar le lundi 27 mai à 14h30 en A06

Speaker : Dr Hamid Mukhtar

Title : Rule-based Approach for Physical Activity Recommendation

Abstract :

Research has found that relatively few people engage in regular exercise or other physical activities. Despite the availability of numerous mobile applications and specialized devices for self-tracking, people mostly lack the motivation for performing physical activities. Persuasive technology comes to the rescue.

In this talk, I will present the design rationale for a rule-based system for physical activity recommendation for promoting active lifestyle in adults. The objective is to facilitate and motivate the user and then keep them engaged in carrying out the recommended level of physical activities. The distinctive feature of our proposed approach is that the user will be provided adaptive feedback based upon their achieved progress. The larger goal of activeness is divided into smaller milestones and gamification technique is applied for engaging the user. Depending upon whether user achieves the recommended level, and how well they achieve it, the feedback motivates, encourages, or provides a point of reflection to the user. The core of our system is the rule-engine which considers user preferences, context, and the activeness goal.

Biography :

Hamid Mukhtar is working as Assistant Professor at National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan. He is currently on a research collaboration visit in the joint project "Futur & Rupture" at INF/TSP, from where he also did his PhD between 2006 - 2009. His research interests are in the area of persuasive technologies, healthcare self-management, service composition and ubiquitous computing. This talk is about his current research project.

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Contact : Djamel Belaïd