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"Elastic Computing - Principles, Models, and Algorithms for Software Services, Things, and People on the Cloud"

présenté par : Schahram Dustdar, Professor of Computer Science, TU Vienna.

14 décembre à 14h00 en salle C06 à TELECOM SudParis.

"Elastic Computing - Principles, Models, and Algorithms for Software Services, Things, and People on the Cloud"


Elasticity is seen as one of the main characteristics of Cloud Computing
today. Social computing, as one of the most prominent applications
deployed on Cloud infrastructures, as well as Service and Software
Engineering would gain significantly from better understanding the main
principles of elasticity. In this talk I will discuss the main
principles of elasticity, present a fresh look at this problem, and
examine how to integrate people in the form of human-based computing and
software services into one composite system, which can be modeled,
programmed, and instantiated on a large scale in an elastic way.


Schahram Dustdar is Full Professor of Computer Science (Informatics)
with a focus on Internet Technologies, heading the Distributed Systems
Group. From 2004-2010 he was Honorary Professor of Information Systems
at the Department of Computing Science at the University of Groningen
(RuG), The Netherlands. From 1999 - 2007 he worked as the co-founder and
chief scientist of Caramba Labs Software AG in Vienna (acquired by
Engineering NetWorld AG), a venture capital co-funded software company
focused on software for collaborative processes in teams. Caramba Labs
was nominated for several (international and national) awards. Since
2011 he is also director of the Pacific Controls Cloud Computing
Research Lab at the TU Vienna.

He received the ACM Distinguished Scientist award in 2009 and receeived
the IBM Faculty Award in 2012. He is Editor in Chief of Computing
(SCI-ranked Springer journal), an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions
on Services Computing, and an Editorial Board member of IEEE Internet