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"The identifier-locator split in the Internet : the Host Identity Protocol approach"

mardi 25 septembre 2012 13h45-15h15 - en E0010 à Télécom

Intervenant : Pr. Andrei GURTOV, University of Oulu, Finland

Abstract :

In this tutorial we cover the problem of secure host mobility and
multihoming in the present Internet and introduce the identifier/locator
split as an elegant solution. We describe the Host Identity Protocol
(HIP) standardized by IETF in several RFCs during past ten years.
The basic HIP mechanisms as well as necessary extensions including
DNS, rendezvous, mobility and multihoming, proxing, and API will
be covered.

Biography :
Andrei Gurtov received M.Sc (2000) and Ph.D. (2004) degrees in Computer
Science from the University of Helsinki, Finland and M.Sc. (2001) in
Applied Mathematics from Russia.
He was appointed a Professor at University of Oulu in the area of
Wireless Internet in December 2009. He is also a Principal Scientist (on
leave currently) leading the Networking Research group at the Helsinki
Institute for Information Technology. He is an adjunct professor at the
Aalto University and University of Helsinki. In 2000-2004, he was a
senior researcher at Sonera Finland. In 2003-2005, he was a visiting
researcher in the International Computer Science Institute at Berkeley,
USA. In 2004, he was a consultant at the Ericsson NomadicLab.

At Internet Engineering Task Force, Dr. Gurtov co-chaired the Host
Identity Protocol Research Group (2005-2012) and co-authored six RFCs.
He supervised four PhD and 20 Master’s theses. He is a senior member of
IEEE and received the best paper award at IEEE Globecom’11. Dr. Gurtov
is a co-author of over 100 publications including two books, research
papers, and patents. His publications received more than 1000 citations
according to Google Scholar.

His research interests include network security, peer-to-peer systems,
transport protocols, mobile communication systems, and game theory.

URL : gurtov

email : gurtov|@|, post : POBox 19800,
FIN-90014, Aalto, Finland