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"Efficient Multicasting in Cognitive Radio Networks using Cooperation and Channel Diversity"

présenté par Ahmed E. Kamal, Iowa State University

mardi 10 juillet - amphi Nano-Innov / Saclay


Cognitive radio networks (CRNs) have emerged as a promising, yet challenging,
solution to enhance spectrum utilization, thanks to the technology of
software defined radios. A well-known property of CRNs is the potential heterogeneity
in channel availability among secondary users. Multicast throughput in CRNs
may suffer from significant degradation because of this property, as it may
force a source to transmit the multicast data over multiple channels to
guarantee delivery to all neighboring receivers. In this presentation, we propose
an assistance strategy to reduce the effect of the channel heterogeneity property
on the multicast throughput in cognitive radio wireless mesh networks
(CR-WMNs). This assistance strategy is composed of two main activities, first,
allowing multicast receivers to assist the source in delivering the data, and
second, allowing the transmission of network coded packets so that
multicast receivers belonging to different multicast groups can decode and
extract their data concurrently. We present optimal, and heuristic packet
transmission scheduling strategies which implement the proposed assistance
strategies. Performance results show that the proposed assistance
paradigm achieves a considerable reduction in the total multicast time, which
in turn increases the system throughput.


Ahmed E. Kamal received a B.Sc. (distinction with honors) and an M.Sc. both from Cairo University, Egypt, and an M.A.Sc. and a Ph.D. both from the University of Toronto, Canada, all in Electrical Engineering. He is currently a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Iowa State University, USA. His research interests include cognitive radio networks, wireless sensor networks, optical networks, fault tolerance, and performance evaluation. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, a senior member of the Association of Computing Machinery, and a registered professional engineer.

More information about Ahmed Kamal and his publications can be found on his web site : kamal