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"Automatic Debugging of Software Programs"

présenté par Rui Maranhao, Professeur, Université de Porto, Portugal

le 28 Juin 2012 à 14h00 salle A001 Télécom SudParis / Evry.

Automatic fault localization techniques aid developers/testers to
pinpoint the root cause of software faults, thereby reducing the
debugging effort.

Depending on the amount of knowledge that is
required about the system’s internal component structure and behavior,
current, predominant approaches to automatic software fault
localization can be classified as (1) statistics-based approaches, and
(2) reasoning approaches.

Statistics-based fault localization
techniques such as SFL use program spectra to find a statistical
relationship with observed failures. While modeling costs and
computational complexity are minimal, SFL’s diagnostic accuracy is
inherently limited as no reasoning is used.

In contrast to SFL, model-
based reasoning approaches use prior knowledge of the system, such as
component interconnection and statement semantics, to build a model of
the correct behavior of the system. While delivering higher diagnostic
accuracy, they suffer from high computation complexity. In this talk,
we present a novel, low-cost, Bayesian reasoning approach to spectrum-
based multiple fault localization, coined Barinel.

A central feature
of our contribution is the use of a generic, intermittent component
failure model. Whereas previous approaches have used approximations
instead, in Barinel component intermittency rate is computed as part
of the posterior candidate probability computation, using a maximum
likelihood estimation procedure. This procedure optimally exploits all
information contained by the program spectra.

Our synthetic and real
software experiments (not only including well-known benchmark
programs, but also experiments on the Philips TV software) show that
Barinel outperforms other state-of-the-art approaches.

Contact : Ana Rosa Cavalli
Directrice du département Logiciels-Réseaux
9 rue Charles Fourier, 91011 Evry Cedex