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Eric Renault HDR "Contributions to clusters, grids and clouds"

21 novembre 2011 à l’Université Pierre et Marie Curie.

- Rapporteur M. André-Luc Beylot Professeur à l’ENSEEIHT
- Rapporteur M. Franck Cappello Professeur à l’Université d’Orsay
- Rapporteur Mme Christine Morin Directrice de recherche à l’IRISA
- Examinateur M. Pierre Boulet Professeur à l’Université de Lille
- Examinateur M. Jean-François Perrot Professeur à l’UPMC
- Examinateur M. Djamal Zeghlache Professeur à TELECOM SudParis

Abstract :

My research works have evolved in the same direction as those of parallel platforms. Moreover, they have almost constantly remained at the boundary between parallel computing and networks.

My first research works consisted in developing communication primitives for the Multi-PC machine. If the Multi-PC was definitively a parallel machine, the subject I was working on was shared between parallel and network considerations. In the end, these works have led to the development of novel lightweight security methods that fit the Multi-PC characteristics and the evaluation of the cost involved by the use of each of these methods.

Then, my research works have progressed on this boundary between parallel computing and networks, expanding the studies to other common problems shared by these two domains. As of today, the problems I have been working on are :

– communications which are essential for distributed memory machines and are the rationale of networks.

– taking into account heterogeneity of networks on the one hand, but also the one of the other components that are part of a computing system (CPU, operating system, etc.) on the other hand.

– studying la scalability of solutions to show what they could bring to very large scales systems.

– security, may it be to protect, authenticate and/or crypt.

– the description of resources in order to publish the state of a system and allow more efficient search.

– studying the mobility of resources and/or objects, a problematic initially limited to mobile networks, but which is more and more part of the parallel computing area with the development of paradigms like the Desktop grid and the clouds.

To date, my research works are mainly focusing, on the one hand on the execution of parallel programs targeting shared-memory platforms on distributed-memory platforms, or more specifically the execution of OpenMP programs on clusters, grids and clouds, and on the other hand on the mutual contribution of the Future Internet (especially the description of objects), the virtualization of resources (CPU, memory and networks) and high-performance computing.

Other research works are completing this schema. They are all commonly proposing lightweight and customized solutions. This is for example the case for T2MAP and SMAP methods that are performing the mutual authentication between an RFID tag and an RFID reader with only two messages, or SFLS that allows to distribute and maintain the knowledge of the position of all mobile nodes in a MANET network with a very limited number of messages. All these extra-works are briefly presented in the Appendix.