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On the Use of Runtime Models : from architectural-based models to requirement-based models.

12 décembre 2011 de 11h00 à 12h30

en salle A003

"On the Use of Runtime Models : from architectural-based models to requirement-based models."

Par Nelly Bencomo :

Abstract :

— Models@run.time extend the applicability of models and abstractions to the runtime environment. As is the case for software development models, a run-time model is often created to support reasoning. However, in contrast to development models, run-time models are used to reason about the operating environment and runtime behaviour, and thus these models must capture abstractions of runtime phenomena. Different dimensions need to be balanced, including resource-efficiency (time, memory, energy), context-dependency (time, location, platform), as well as personalization (quality-of-service specifications, profiles). The hypothesis is that because models@run.time provide meta-information for these dimensions during execution, run-time decisions can be facilitated and better automated. Thus, we anticipate this technology will play an integral role in the management of self-adaptive systems. In this seminar, I will be talking about my experience in different research projects using models@run.time
 : the use of runtime architectural-based models (in the middleware research group at Lancaster and in the EU DiVA
Project) and more recently in research projects about the use of requirements models@run.time .

Keywords- runtime models, self-adaptive systems ;

Short Bio :

Nelly Bencomo is a Marie Curie Fellow at INRIA Paris - Roquencourt.
Before that, she was a Senior Research Associate in Lancaster University
(UK) where she also got her PhD.

She is interested in all aspects of software modeling and especially the application of model-driven techniques, during the development and operation of dynamically adaptive systems. She is particularly interested in what she calls models©run.time, the use of models and model-driven techniques during runtime. Models can be used, for example, to check correctness and consult the current state of a system during execution. A key benefit is that models can be used to offer a richer semantic support for runtime decision-making related to system adaptation and other runtime concerns. The use of reflection is crucial in order to have a self-representation of the system that can be consulted in operation. She believes that models©run.time has potential for the development of systems that must adapt dynamically to their environment (Adaptive Systems), from Requirements to Implementation. Her current research project is called : Requirements@run.time
 : it deals with Requirements-aware systems and tackles research issues about runtime representation of requirements.

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