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"Deriving adaptive tests for nondeterministic FSMs "


présenté par Nina Yevtushenko, Tomsk University, Russia

Jeudi 3 Novembre à 10h00 à TSP en salle A07-01

CV :

NINA YEVTUSHENKO has got the Ph.D. degree from Saratov State University in 1983 and became a full professor of Tomsk State University in 1994. Her scientific interests include automata theory, analysis and synthesis of discrete event systems, in particular, formal based testing for software and communicating systems. Nina Yevtushenko published 5 books and more than 80 scientific papers. She has been a supervisor of a number of scientific projects and served as a visiting professor at a number of universities and research institutes. She now has a professor position at Tomsk State University, Department of radiophysics.


This talk addresses testing deterministic implementations of nondeterministic specification FSM. A behavior of a conforming implementation FSM has to be contained in the reference behavior, so the reduction relation between machines is the conformance relation to be used in testing. Testing time can be shortened when deriving tests on-the-fly (adaptive execution). We consider special properties of states of the specification FSM and propose a technique for deriving a complete adaptive test suite with the guaranteed fault coverage when the upper bound on the number of states of an implementation under test is known (black-box testing).