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"Social Media : Detection the "buzz"

vendredi 21 octobre 2011 à 14h00 à TELECOM Sud Paris, amphi 10

présenté par BU-SUNG LEE Francis

Associate Professor, School of Computer Engineering
Invited lecturer, Osaka University, Japan

Visiting Professor, Waseda University, Japan

Vice-President, Singapore Research & Education Networks (SingAREN)
Nanyang Technological University

Director, Service Platform Lab., HP Labs Singapore

Social Media : Detection the "buzz"

Over the part few years we have seen the power of Social Media in all aspect of our life, ranging from personal to business to politics. Social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter and G+ are now household name. Social Media has changed the way netizen communicate with each other and how we get the news. However, it comes with a great price, ie data overload and with lots of "babbles". There is so much data and making sense out of the data is a major challenge facing the research community.

The talk will cover an interesting way to detect "hot topics" in new media using wavelet analysis. Words with similar frequency patterns are clustered together to form events with a modularity-based graph partitioning technique. A prototype system was build recently for the Singapore general election where we measure the political parties sentiment and hot topics. The results have been very promising and has attracted much attention.


Bu-Sung Lee Francis boasts wide expertise in the area of computer networks, grid computing and cloud computing. He joined HP Lab Singapore as Director of Service Platform Lab in 2010, to drive research projects towards realizing HP vision “Everything as a Service” . He has held various positions in academia during the last 20 years, and currently holds a joint appointment as Associate Professor at the School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technical University (NTU). He is also a visiting Professor to Waseda University.
Bu-Sung Lee Francis is one of the pioneering researchers of cloud computing technology in Singapore, he was involved in the Adaptive Enterprise at Singapore project in 2004 and is a member of the Singapore National Grid Advisory Council from 2007-2010. He is also active in the development of the research and education network in Singapore and the Asia Pacific Region. He is the founding President of Singapore Advanced Research and Education Networks (SingAREN), 2003-2007, and a Board member of Asia Pacific Advanced Network Ltd. (APAN).