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Max-min fairness and its applications to network design

jeudi 15 septembre à 14h00 salle C06

Max-min fairness and its applications to network design

Ce séminaire sera animé par le professeur Michal Pioro de l’université de Varsovie.

Résumé :

Max-min fairness (MMF) is a notion in multi-criteria optimization with important and natural applications in communication network design. MMF is not widely known to network designers and its elements and approaches are frequently “re-invented”, in most cases not correctly. During the seminar we will go through basic notions and methods of MMF and show their applications in communication network design.

1. Notion of MMF. Connection of MMF to lexicographical ordering. An illustrative example involving bandwidth assignment. The water-filling algorithm.

2. General formulation of the MMF optimization problem. A general convex MMF problem and its properties. An example - bifurcated MMF routing.

3. Algorithms for the convex MMF optimization problems.

4. Non-convex MMF problems and what makes them difficult. An example – non-bifurcated MMF routing.

5. Cumulated-criteria approach for non-convex MMF problems. resolution.

6. Examples of convex and non-convex network design problems.


Michal Pioro : received his Ph.D. degree in 1979, his Habilitation degree in 1990, and obtained the Polish State Professorship in 2002 (all in Telecommunications). He is a professor and Head of Department of Data Networks and Switching at the Institute of Telecommunications, Warsaw University of Technology (Poland). At the same time he is a professor at the Department of Electrical and Information Technology, Lund University (Sweden). Professor Pioro used to lead many national and international research projects in telecommunications network modeling, optimization and performance analysis. He is an author of more than 150 research papers in the field. He also wrote several books, including a monograph ’’Routing, Flow, and Capacity Design of Communication and Computer Networks’’, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers (imprint of Elsevier), 2004. Prof. Pioro is a member of international research bodies and technical program committees of several main conferences (currently he is a chairman of the 14th International Telecommunications Network Strategy and Planning Symposium NETWORKS 2010). He is a technical editor of IEEE Communications Magazine. Scientific interests of Prof. Pioro concentrate on modeling and optimization of telecommunication networks.